TW Acustic Raven Anniversary vs. Black Night

Standard Raven Anniversary turntable has the copper platter sourced from Black Night.
This turntable can be easily upgraded to status equals almost full Black Night specification.
This require adding BN cones, battery powered PSU and three motor pod.

Such fully equiped Anniversary Raven differs from Black Night only by base - in Anniversary base is made of 60mm thick Delrin with three cones and BN base is made with 40 mm thick aluminuum and 20 mm thick layer of Delrin and has four cones.

So BN has better base, but at the same time Anniversary has dedicated 30 mm thick and stable armboard with two points support to the base.

I wonder what is more important soundwise - a better base or better armboard.

Personally I prefer fully equiped Anniversary model, because of lower price, more compact design and more stable armboard.

Does anybody compared those two great turntables directly? Any thoughts?
I have heard both tables, but not side by side. I think the Anniversary is stunning and I love the armboard. I do think that out of all of TW's tables the Anniversary is his must analytical sounding table. If I had the means I would feel like I could not make a wrong decision choosing between the Anniversary and the Black Knight.

I would be a Black Knight person if I could. I also have listened to this table a lot more than the Anniversary. If you have the space and the means go for the Black Knight and never look back!
Get the Black Night i have TW AC3 with all Black Night updates and think its very musical wonderful table.Let us know when you get one.