TW-Acustic Raven Belt question?

Today I'm running a TW-Acustic Raven AC-1 and planning to up grade to AC-3 in a few months. The belt provided is long and maybe tired. Emailed Jeff and a new belt should be on the way. But, this peaked my just curiousity, has anyone tried different belts on their Raven AC-1 or AC-3? Better or worse?
I have been using the same belt since I got mine three years ago. Jeff and Thomas of TW say it is fine. It gets up to full rotation as fast as the day I got it so I can't see the need to replace it.
At one time I did considered 1/4 inch tape however just never got around to it yet. One member here that I know of using tape drive on his Raven is Ducatirider.
As for the factory belt I agree with Pcosta they are pretty robust.
Little off topic, and I have no idea if TW is using the same belt material as SME.

But when I owned my SME 20/2 I could always hear a improvement when I changed belts about every 18-24 months. Mostly in the PRaT/detail retrieval. I'd also use contact cleaner on the motor pulley and sub platter to remove some belt gunk.

As I said, not sure this translates into the same experience for the TW tables...
BELT is great no need to change. I have raven AC1 Just upgraded to BLACK NIGHT BATTERY POWER SUPPLY BLACK NIGHT FEET Now using OEM STILLPOINT Feet under Motor . Blacker backround better bass improved imaging very very quiet etc. Thomas and Jeff did this upgrade for me.

Do you prefer the BN battery power supply to the standard PS?

Me I am undecided - you are correct that it is quieter, slighter blacker background, bass is not deeper but seems a little better defined.

However, I find the pace, rhthym, timing and bloom is better on the old PS, overall bass weight is a little better, which adds to better musicality.

6 steps forward, then 5.5 steps back for me at the moment.
IN my system and my room its clearly better along with Black night VTA armboard and Black Night Feet.
I'd take EBM's word on the quality here!I've been to his home numerous times,and he has a fabulous sounding set up.

Not a bad LP collection either....

From my experience there,a "long time/hands on" hobbyist,like him,can offer supperb insight!

Maybe Downunder you have very few people in Brooklyn i am in a building with over 400 Apts in my case it made a stunning change everything is better voices strings timing and bloom improved as well..Thomas of TW heard this as well!!
Ebm, Great to hear your loving your upgrades...
Business must be very good for Thomas W. I understand he bought a new speaker system from Cessaro Horn Acoustics, Gamma model with bass horns.

Well, at least you can see where some of his profits goes into.