Tweak Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Okay has any tried this? 
This thread amused me at WBF and I am sure the responses here will too. I am not an anti-tweak guy.



Triple AC Evolution

I have no interest in the "Akiko Triple AC Evolution" which employs what some forum members would characterize as "fairy dust," but I do find the 6Moons reviewer Srajen Ebaen's more laid back attitude to assessing such devices more thoughtful and entertaining as well.

Yeah, I have a couple of salt lamps but I wouldn't place them near my gear. They release salty moisture when not on. I leave mine on constantly and always use incandescent bulbs with them to keep them warm and dry. Never turn them off unless necessary. And wrap them in plastic or something similar if you have to. Especially if you live in a humid environment

I am going to crush some pink himalayan salt crystals into something much finer than a lamp, place the salt in a kerchief, roughly form it into a tube and wrap said tube around my vintage 10 gauge Western Electric speaker wires about 3-4 inches from the speaker ends and see what happens to the sound. The composition of this particular salt reminds one of the composition of audio ferrite cores albeit a much more diffuse presence of minerals and metals:

That being said, Himalayan salts do contain a significantly greater number of minerals than your conventional, crystal white, sea or table salt. In fact, it is these minerals (including potassium, manganese, iron and zinc) which account for the salt’s distinctive off-white hue, with the exact colour depending on the exact proportion of certain trace minerals present in that specific sample.4


@mahgister Merry Christmas. Nice to hear from you. Can you share what ionizer you use? Happy New Year to everyone.