tweaking Polk speakers

I have a pair if Polk RT55's I'm giving my son when he goes away to school next fall and I would appreciate any(sincere)suggestions those w/knowledge could offer (i.e.- from replacing crossovers and/or other internal parts to replacing a driver or tweeter) toward making these sound "higher end", if it's even possible or worthwhile. I am obviously not well-versed in this area, but artistic & good w/a soldering iron, so I would need to be educated & walked through this process. The speakers will be bi-wired/bi-amped through 2 Parasound 750A's from a Yamaha RXV2095's pre-outs, and a Pinnacle Baby Boomer will manage the low frequencies. Thanks for any help or any specific links or names of reputable "tweakers" in my area (MA). This is the only website I trust. Happy Holidays.
Davesen: I'm not familiar with these specific speakers. Are they already set up for bi-wiring ? Sean
Davesen, I own a pair of the RT-55. Great speakers. I opened up my pair to checks for upgrades. I suggest the following: 1. Upgrade the internal wiring. 2. Change the tweeter. Get a copy of the Part Express catalog, you will find the cables and connectors to upgrade the internal wires
(18 awg), on the tweeter you will have to measure it to get
on that fits. The drivers in this speakers are not bolted,
they are a press fit. I also own a pair of Totem Mani-2,
against these great and expensive pair ($4K) the Polk has a
pretty good low end, the area that needs improvement is the
top end. I got the catalog but haven't had a chance to measure the tweeter. Hope this hepls. Hector.
I too have found these speakers truly great for the price. Yes they're already set-up for bi-wiring but I've found bi-wiring analogous to magnet homeotherapy. Thanks for the hints on the upgrades.