i'm lookin' to do a little tweakin' to my existing system, which is: b.a.t. vk3ix tube pre amp, b.a.t. vk 250 ss amp, rega apollo cd player, jm labs profile 918 speakers. i'm using audience au24 speaker cable, and jps labs interconnects. i'm looking to warm up the sound, maybe a little more detail, more or less lookin' for the "wow" factor to inject into my little system. i'm thinking on the lines of maybe a d/a converter, line conditioner, etc. once again, thanks for the help. by the way, this is such a cool little web, everyone here has been great and very helpful.
Equipment support ideas from, such as reasonably priced Tenderfeet, and Big Fat Black Dots, will enable impressive, across the board, improvement. And, the ninety day home trial policy is unbeatable.
To warm up the sound, aside from tube rolling, Herbie's own design tube dampers can enable warmer sound if there is presently a subtle effect of tube microphonics causing "brighter" sound. Also, further enhances detail.
Placing Cardas Myrtlewood Golden Cuboid(s) on top of equipment cabinets (positioning is a trial and error process) can "tune" to a more mellow sound. There is now an Audiogon member selling similar small blocks at a slightly lower price, which should do the same for subtle tone shaping.
I found that the very top of the line power strip/line conditioner (thirty day trial) did not limit current, allowing every component to use the power strip, and brought forth a "wow" factor, as you correctly call it. There is a subjective sense of "faster" power availability where the musical performance calls for it. This is somehow achieved even before you upgrade any of your individual power cords.
Machina Dynamica Clever Little Clock (one, or two) will allow for a "wow" factor as it heightens perception of recording details, dynamic contrasts, and harmonic richness, in your listening room, without increased etching or brightness. This does not make a system mellow, but allows a basically enjoyable system to really strut its stuff.
A PS Audio P300 for your front end will do wonders to the three dimensionality and depth. Once I put this in my system, there is no way I will ever take it out.
I also recommend the P300 for the source and preamp, and additionally a used ultimate outlet for the amplifier. I use the same combination, and I found very useful both.
Walker Audio's Extreme SST contact enhancer applied according to instruction on all of your contacts will significantly improve the clarity and resolving capabilities of your system. I recommend starting there before buying any sort of hardware. Also, make sure you've done the simple things that are so easy to overlook: make sure your cables are not lying on a synthetic carpet, if they are lift them 5-12 inches; separate all of your cables from each other by 4 or more inches; separate your components; experiment with some isolation under you equipmennt all choices here sound different.

If you haven't already run a dedicated AC line for your equipment, do so if you can: it's fundamental.

If you're intent on power conditioning, get a Walker Velocitor for a 30-day money back trial. You will be amazed.

Good luck in your exdperiments!
I put in some cable elevators after just using glasses to raise off!it was like getting a new peice of gear,also inveted in a acoustic revive demagnitizer,clean first with optrix then demagnitize.
You can accomplish WAY more w/ room acoustics than by throwing away more money on specialized little accessories. Play around w/ speaker placement & aim, as well as surfaces (especially the floor).
I echo the thoughts on the PS-300. I just got it back from being modded, so it's even better now. While it was gone I mainly watched movies.

I would suggest putting a set of Symposium series 2 rollerblocks under your cd player. This will give you all the qualities you are looking for. I use them under my cd player with the Symposium svelte shelf - simply an amazing upgrade and you will finally see what your present cd player is capable of.