Tweeking my Mytek Brooklyn DAC

I recently purchased a Teradek linear power supply ($300 12v 6.5 amp). I purchased it knowing that I could use it with either my Mytek or my Google fiber internet router. The first time I connected the Teradek (with the included power cord) to my Brooklyn, I was unimpressed; but an audio buddy suggested that I give it a second shot with one of my Shunyata Black Mamba power cords. That combination hit it out of the park. cymbals, bushes and high hats all sounded more natural and other details in the music became more apparent without brightness. Actually the Teradek/Mamba combination added a touch of warmth to the Brooklyn which was appreciated.

You didn't do a blind test between the two power cords so confirmation bias cannot be ruled out! 
Don’t forget break-in as a factor too, but a good power cord is a good tweak by itself.
Oh goodie, the first response is a gotcha!
In the sense that I'm sure you're implying, no. A large sheet was not erected in my living room and an audio friend did not take turns plugging in different cords.
With my Pass amp, I have switched back and forth several times and the factory cord rules the day, at least for now.
So if the implication is that my "confirmation bias" is expensive power cords automatically improve sound, I'd tell you I'd much rather buy a server or a set of Audio Note 300b mono blocks, than purchase power cords.
My intent was to inform other Mytek owners that a linear power supply (that wasn't expensive) and an upgraded power cord helped my system achieve more detail while actually sounding a little warmer.
By the way Jason, I've been to Nixa... it ain't much!