TWL fishing weight mod for Rega RB600 arm

I have a question for the Audiogon analog experts pls.

Would it be possible to apply TWL's mod to a vintage turntable arm like the Denon DP-59L TT?
I'm confused. Does this DP-59L have an RB600 or the stock Denon arm?

If it still has the stock arm, why mention the RB600? TWL's HIFI Mod was for the RB250 and its clones, not the RB600. I mounted one of his earliest mod packages on an OL Silver (RB250 clone). It worked brilliantly.

You could probably mount something similar on the stock Denon arm. Whether you should depends on the cartridge(s) you plan to use. In general, the lower the compliance of the cartridge, the more benefit you'd probably get.

Mounting a HIFI mod on an RB600 (RB300 clone) is problematic due to the asymmetrical bearing housing. The VTF dial gets in the way of a clean installation.

Hope this helps...
Thanks Dougdeacon for your comments. My mistake in mentioning the RB600.

You are of course correct, the TWL mod was for the Rega RB250.

My 59L table has the stock Denon arm; and, based on your response I shall abandon the idea of a possible mod.

Tks much.