Two Questions...

I have my mind set on the Bose Acoustimass 16 Home Entertainment Speaker System...
...the "flagship 6.1-channel speaker system" from Bose.

First question, are these worth the price tag? Is there anything else that compares to these speakers? Am I just paying for the name? Are these the best currently in the market? Give me the run down.

Second question, will the Denon AVR-486S: 7.1 CH Home Theater Receiver be good enough to take full advantage of the Bose speaker system?
The speakers are compatible with A/V receivers and amplifiers rated from 10-200 watts per channel, rated from 4 to 8 ohms. The Denon puts out 75 watts per channel.
1. No
2. Its probably overkill

No high's, no low's its gotta be blows... Before you throw your money away do a little more research here, there is a TON of information in the archives. For the same money you'll be able to purchase a MUCH better system then the components you've listed.
Oh boy! You asked for it.

Bose says that this system "Effortlessly blends with your d├ęcor". This is quite accurate, and if this is very important to you then you will be happy with the Bose system.
Bose is lots of marketing and little in the way of performance.

If you want speakers you can't see there are options.
I'm getting ready to set up a buddy with all NHT SuperZero Xu's which are small wall/ceiling mount speakers that are white. They don't reproduce much bass but a good sub can fill in nicely for home theater.

I'm going to use a Denon AVR-1906 for the system. It won't win any Golden Ear awards but it is flexible and suits his needs.

When looking for a subwoofer keep in mind that really cheap subs do more wrong than right. This holds especialy true when it is asked to compensate for very bass-shy main speakers.

For the same dollar as the Bose system (if not less) you can easily get much better performance.

Good luck!
Twice as nice at half the price!
none my friend, mentioning BOSE in here will get you hung! LOL. Seriously, I started my audio quest the same way. Good luck and don't buy the bose.

No, I think he's a serious seeker. His name is John and he's participated quite civily in a few other thresds. Do you think he could be doing market research for Bose??
I was considering bose and decided to get a 7.1 JBL Northridge set up. E80 front E35 center E250 sub and e10 surrounds. Sounds awesome for HT. Unless your useing your system for critical listening, most systems in this forum are not worth spending the extra money on for just watching movies.
BOSE home theater systems are for people who could never be bothered to set the clock on their VCR

It's better than nothing for people who want something, and can't be bothered!
Check out Anthony Gallo Acoustics speakers for a full range of colors and finishes that please the eyes as well as the ears! Bose produces an adequate product, but for the money, you can do much better, my friend...
Thanks for all your responses so far!

I need to clarify some things...

It has to at least be a 6.1 system (7.1 ok too if the price is right). They [i]must[/i] be good quality [B]small wall mountable[/B] speakers (I don't have the space for anything else). But I'm no longer set on Bose from a lot of the stuff I've been reading on them.

I'll be using the system mainly for movies and some gaming (ps2 and gamecube) and a little music. I listen to music mostly through my computer which has a 5.1 Logitech system, which I also do most of my gaming through. So this will mainly be used for movies.
None or NO,
What's going on with the email addresses? Good move on the bose. Try the Gallos as mentioned above and give up the music on your logitech system. You'll like the speakers for all your needs better.
Ok. First, give the guy a little credit here. For a $1,299 total speaker budget including (powered?) subwoofer (implied by the Bose system) it's not such a bad idea to consider a matched sub/sat system from a single manufacturer. Am I wrong on this?

Second, his proposed system won't sound half bad IF it is set up and calibrated properly. A few reviews of the Bose Acoustimass systems I've read point out that the bass module can sound very boomy unless it's positioned well away from an inside corner, contrary to where most beginners will want to place it. I'm not advocating Bose here, just trying to be fair.

Here's my two cents: if you are new to home theater/surround sound, any halfway decent system will most likely be a huge upgrade to what you are using now to listen to your movies and games. Use some common sense when choosing components like making sure the components all have the right type of input/output connections to work together.

If you are not sure how to set up a receiver properly for channel balance, bass management, etc. you will be smart to consider a receiver which will calibrate your speakers automatically. You can get this feature for as little as $499 in a Yamaha HTR-5860 receiver, for example, with plenty of 7.1 power to drive most sub/sat speaker systems (provided they include a powered sub).

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but if you decide againt the Bose and want a very competent matched sub/sat system on a budget you may want to check out Cambridge Soundworks. They do not get much discussion on here on the 'Gon but their MovieWorks systems are pretty decent and will easily run with or surpass the overall performance of Bose for less money. For a little more money the Canton moviepak systems are very good as well..Good luck! JZ

I'd go with the little Infinity TSS750 system for the cheepest. Then, for a little bigger, the Polk system at $1k retail is even better. All that used is going to stomp the Bose system sonically, if that matters to you.
The Denon will do well fine for both systems, depending.
Actually, if it were me, I'd look at Sherwood Newcastle's new receiver, with a built in self calibrating Parametric EQ for all channels, including sub! This REEEEEEEEEEALLY helps make the system response (and thus overall sound) INFINITELY more accurate and flat! This is critical if you need to place speakers on the walls folks! I gotta tell ya...
P.S., I've sold Bose in 3 stores over the years.
Good luck