Two way vs. Three way Speakers

In terms of sound what are the differences good and bad between two way and three way speakers. I have been researching and collecting information about a diy speaker project - for example looking at the SEAS Thor design (three way) vs something like the Proac 2.5 clone which is a two way. Still reading about other options too. Best speaker I ever owned was Maggies through the 80's that sadly were not child friendly. Currently have 2 way - Paradigm monitor. Looking for accuracy, detail, clean sound (great mids and highs)that is true to recordings - for cds through modded Jolida (warmer) and MF amp. Thanks for any discussion and thoughts on this.

I have three systems. One has two-way speakers. The other two have three-way speakers. They all sound good.

It does not matter if it a 2 or 3 way speaker. It is all about frequency range and even dispersion without the driver breaking up. Driver size plays into dispersion so this is often why speakers are 3 ways too. Both designs can work well.


I currently use a 2 way (JBL 4367) and my last speaker was a 3 way (Revel 228be) and those designs could not be more different but both had about the same frequency response in my room. The revel hands off to the next driver to keep dispersion wide and distortion low. The JBL uses a horn to let the “tweeter” play lower than it normally could. The results are about the same…. But the JBL is a lot better but that is a discussion for another day.

@rockvirgo  +1 I recently built the Seas A26 kit and I am blown away at how good they sound and by how "listenable" they are.