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Harbeth SHL 5 amplification
I owned these speakers and while they sound OK with tubes, they really need power and current.    
Two way vs. Three way Speakers
@rockvirgo  +1 I recently built the Seas A26 kit and I am blown away at how good they sound and by how "listenable" they are.    
Turntable sub $4k buy decisions too many.
Former VPI owner.  I had enough of the VPI and vinyl in general.  I sold everything, but I missed it.  I purchased a vintage DD Pioneer and was blown away.  I eventually ended up with a Technics 1200GR and I absolutely love it.  I wish that I had ... 
Is the Darlington MP-7 an upgrade over a MS Nova Phonomena?
@drewdawg999  I had a JC-3 and Chinook.  I now own an MP-7.  I would never go back to either of those.    
Mint Best Tractor still in business?
@jaypare @markpao I was trying to contact him for a few months.  I never heard back.  I had to give up.  
Vintage worth the time to explore?
@re-lar-kvothe  I used to own the 77 and the 80 and I agree that they are outstanding.  I only sold both about 3 years ago.  They were all original.  I had them checked out and all of the internals were measuring perfectly and nothing needed to be... 
McIntosh MC275VI vs Rogue Audio Stereo 100
I owned a 275 and was very underwhelmed by it.  It sounded plain and very ordinary.  Absolutely nothing special at all.  
Analogue v. Digital...again (Washington Post)
@mulveling this article is NOT about Tom Port.  Did you read the entire article?  
Joseph Audio Perspective2 vs Harbeth SHL5+
There is no way that you are getting everything from the Harbeths running them with a 50W amplifier.  I am a former SHL5+ owner.  
New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version
@charles1dad  Preservation of my hearing was a significant motivating factor for choosing the Frankensteins.  I can listen at much lower levels and hear much, much more detail.  
New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version
@charles1dad your description is spot on.  That is precisely the way I feel about the Frankensteins. My system is in a ground floor room with 10' ceilings.  The room is approximately 16' x 10'.  I use Zu Soul Supremes and I doubt that I am even us... 
New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version
I have had owned the XA30.8 and I now own Frankenstein IIIs.  It seems to me that most people prefer big boomy bass.  The Frankensteins have plenty of bass if you have the right speakers, but the presentation is not what most people are used to.  ... 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
Can someone please confirm or correct my thinking.  If I occasionally hear distortion in the left channel on peaks, my anti-skate is set too high (too much force to the outside of the record).  I need to decrease the anti-skate to allow more force... 
Your tube amp related Harbeth experience.
Tried SHL5+ with PL Dialogue Premium HP and also with McIntosh 275(s).  Awful.  They sounded great with a vintage Sony TA-N77ES, but absolutely stunning with a Pass XA-30.8.    
Any thoughts on the Luxman PD 171
Very cool!  Hope that you got it at a decent price!!  I'd definitely rather go for the Technics.