ultimate interconnect recommendations

I'm looking for some recommendations regarding the ideal interconnects between my preamp and power amps. I have an interesting situation using a Linn 5103 preamp and two 5125 five channel amps with active crossovers for my front channels. As I have different channels of amplification for the tweeters, midranges and woofers, it occurred to me that I could optimize the interconnects for each frequency range. I'm looking for the elusive combination of crystalline, detailed (but not harsh) treble, warm, natural and full midrange and tight, full bass. Each of the three pairs can be a specialist. I am currently using Harmonic Tech AC 11 power cords and a Pro-Silway II between my DAC and preamp. The speaker cables are Linn 600 triwire. Thanks for your help!
I was using Nordost SPM until I came accross a pair of Nordost Quattro Fil. I was amazed how much of an improvement I heard even at the lofty price level of those two cables.
I would consult with the Cable Company. They are patient, knowledgeable and if you live in the States, thes will send you cables to try out at home in your rig. (www.fatwyre.com)
Hello Thsalmon

During your tour of the worlds finest interconnects I think that it would be very wise to listen to the cables from Argento. They represent fantastic sound at all price levels but the top of the line "VDM" are simply fantiastic. I upgraded to this from the standard silver about half a year ago and it was worth every cent.

Is there anything in particular wrong with your Pro Silways?
Also I would stick with one brand of cable...trying to optimize each for different frequency spectra seems to me an exercise in frustration!:) Pick a neutral cable and use it throughout, in my opinion.
If you enjoyed the Pro Silways, try comparing Harmonic Tech's "Magic" cable to Acoustic Zen's Silver Reference". They are both in line with what you already have, but a significant step up. I have had both, and settled on the AZ cable, but of course each system is different. Robert Stein at the Cable Company is a great help, but you might keep you eyes out at Audiogon for these cables around half retail cost.
I also switched my Pro 11 AC's to "less important" components (receiver, subwoofer), and now use the AZ Tsunami with my CD player, it was like giving my Sony 9000ES steroids!
will be an inexpencive example of newtral and efficient all-purpouse interconnects.
for a cheaper version the 30ga wire from RadioShack can be used.
Ultimate IC?
I would go with the Siltech SQ-88 G3 for the highs and NBS Monitor 0 for the base. You can buy a used car for the retail value of these IC's but you said ultimate so here you go.
my choice of "ultimate ic's" for my current system would be tara "zero." one step up from what i now use, "the one." this is the most transparent and neutral wire i've ever heard. it's brutally revealing, however, exposing any weak link in your electronics. -kelly
Mix and match, been there done that. Very system dependant. You need lots of experience with various brands of cables to optimize the results. I really prefer a single brand solution and this can be done with the better cables. My speakers are home built (equiv. to a $20k speakers). I use the Pure Note Epsilon speaker cables in a tri-wire setup. Sonics are excellent, very transparent. Previously I tried Kimber, Cardas, Silver Audio, Nordost, and Acoustic Zen with mixed results. With these cables I swapped them between the low/mid/high terminals but just never got what I wanted.