ultrasonic record cleaner

Any information on the low cost Ultrasonic cleaner (about 1500). I continue to use my own RCM but looking for a quiet, effective machine without spending the bucks for the Keith Monks machine.
Loricraft is quiet and extremely effective and not nearly as expensive as the Monks. But it is slow depending on the fluids and it is not an Ultrasonic cleaner.
Thanks for the responses. I was curious of the effectiveness of the Ultrasonic system compared to Loricraft or Keith Monks. I know both Loricraft and Keith monks are considered excellent, but was curious about personal experiences with the lower cost ultrasonic unit. Money not really a big issue as the quality of the cleaner more important. However, if Ultrasonic is equivalent or close, i can save the extra bucks.
Watch out, Harry is watching. Hope you have your patents registered as Harry will be pouncing. By now it is proven Ultrasonic is better then the Loricraft or Keith, which in the end are mechanical cleaners. Since Harry is well invested in the VPI cleaners, you can expect he will be protecting his franchise, and do so quickly. Expect an under $1000 cleaner to be on the market by Spring.
Buconero, Who proved that Ultrasonic is better than Loricraft or Keith Monks?
Could you provide a link to a review or comparison?

I agree it is far more convenient, but does it clean better? In my experience
the Audio Desk is not better than my Loricraft PRC4 Delux with AIVS
solutions. I only did a couple of brief comparisons, but I prefer my Loricraft
and fully admit it is a PITA to use.

After using the Audio Desk, I noticed a slight veil over the music and on one
LP, there was a noticeable increase in surface/crackling noise. It sounded a
bit dry and less emotional. Seemed to add detail, but on further listening, I
preferred the Lori as the music sounded slightly more natural. I think if I were
to use the Audio Desk, it would be essential to have another machine for a
final rinse with ultra pure water to remove any residue.

I'm sure others have different experiences and prefer an ultrasonic cleaner for
the results and much better convenience.
I used to own a VPI, sold it - I believe Ultrasonic is the way to go, DIY is probably most cost effective.