unbeatable Class A integrated

Is there any unbeatable class A SS integrated amplifier under 15K?

I want to also recommend the new Krell K 300i - My older Krell 400xi died 6 months ago and I replaced it through Krell after it was discovered my 400xi as unrepairable.

i push a set of Maggie 1.7i speakers with no issues at all. The new Krell sounds great - better soundstage, better vocals, horns and strings sound very real. I know everyone complains about Maggie lack of base - I added the base panel to my system and biamped it to great effect. The Krell 300 i has an adjustable preamp out. I did not buy their DAC - I stream via a LUMIN T2.

Just my two cents.

Enjoy the music.
I agree with cakyol I also own a pass lab 250 and it is just unbelievably good the meter tells you when it slips into class A B mode but so far no matter what speaker I've had on it or how loud I played it it has never done that it is Class A all the way
Try to find a Krell FBI. Apart from the silly name this was still a true Dan D design. It's basically an FPB 300 with a balanced line stage tucked inside.