Uncle Tupelo Reissues?

Anyone compared the new "remastered" reissues from Uncle Tupelo to the original releases? Are any of the new bonus tracks "must haves" independent of the remastering?
I'm a vinyl only listener, so all I can compare is some of the old "7's I have and the new "greatest hits" or whatever released last year. I don't have any of the original releases on LP. Anyway, the new remastered "greatest hits" thing sounds good (better than the old "7's, although I was a bit disapointed with my particular pressing (Sundazed).
I picked up "March 16-20 1992" and I must say it sounds great!!! I really hope Sundazed releases all of the Tupelo catelog on vinyl.....however, if you do not like the pressing you got of the "Anthology" album I understand. Both my listening buddy and I have a "rubbed" spot on the last side of the album that was on there fresh out of the case. It sonds fine, but you expect virgin vinyl to be pristine.