Unfinished basement listening room

I tried setting up a listening room in a small bedroom, then the living room. My homemade open baffle speakers are too large for both spots. For a while I'd been thinking of a basement listening room so as not to have to move the speakers back to the wall in the living room every time we had company. I finally did it and I'm quite pleased. Now all I have to do is take a seat and turn stuff on. Instead of trying to take my 80 pound Primare A32 amp to the basement, I'm using my Tandberg TR-2060. It takes me back to the 70's. Love being able to adjust things to my liking. Who ever thought an unfinished basement space could sound so good. I've done some room treatments that are shockingly cheap and unorthodox. I'd probably be criticized as less than a audiophile for these room treatments. I also reinstalled all my tweaks (Synergistic Research HFT's, ECT's, IsoAcoustic Orea's and Ingress Rollerballs). Anyone else listening in what would seem to be a less than ideal space and loving it?


@jjss49 you've got enough equipment to open your own store. Must be a ton of fun and then some listening to it all. @ghdprentice, your systems are breath taking. I know they provide you with hours on hours of top notch entertainment. I don't want to jump the gun so I'll work on posting some pics after my chair is assembled and in place  :)  It'll look a lot nicer than the stool I'm sitting on right now.



Thank you. I listen about three hours a day and have to drag myself away. However, for much of my audio history it has not been pretty… I think most folks here are primarily concerned with sound more than looks. You can always update photos.

@jjss49 you've got enough equipment to open your own store. Must be a ton of fun and then some listening to it all.

keeps me out of more serious trouble... 😁😂

Cool. Nice. Looks like fun. You have done quite a few treatments. The unfinished aspects may be working a bit in your favor. I would definitely haul your heavy amp down. A dedicated area that you can change is much better than big compromises in my book.


There are also additional opportunities for additional treatments… bass traps. absorption on the left wall to help balance with open area on right. Looks like a great place to experiment and tune. Congratulations.