Unico Vs. Jolida JD1501RC

Just curious if anyone has compared the unison research unico and the jolida 1501rc.

I currently own the Unico with stock tubes...heard the little 30wpc hybrid jolida with my speakers (although with a different source, different room) and the jolida seemed more 'extended' and transparent...

I like an airy, extended treble and smooth bass. Currently, the Unico seems to be lacking the 'breathiness' and 'air' that i like.

Should I try different tubes? Will they make THAT much of a difference?

I'm contemplating selling the Unico, buying a Jolida and putting the remainder of the money towards bills.

Any thoughts?
Don't get rid of the Unico.

I replaced the stock tubes on my Unico with JJ ECC82. More sparkle, detail, transparency, speed and tighter bass was the result.
What kind of speakers are you using? I've never heard the Unico, but have owned the Jolida 1501RC in the past. I think the Jolida is a fantastic amp. You might want to try auditioning one to see if it has better synergy with the rest of your system. Also, since it's a lot cheaper than the Unico, you could probably get some mods done to it as well. I know Response Audio (www.responseaudio.com) does some mods for Jolida products (I have no affiliation with them).

Good Luck,
the speakers i'm using are StudioLab Reference 1 made in Toronto, Canada. They use a 4.5 inch peerless midbass driver and a 3/4 inch SEAS tweeter. Rated at 85.5 db/w/m, stable load. Biwireable (which is how i'm running them right now).

These speakers were run quite nicely with the little jolida 30wpc hybrid (Can't remember the model offhand), so the power I have is more than enough.

source is Rotel rcd 971 with MSB half nelson link III.

The system sounds good, but in the store (Which is not the proper way to compare, i know) the speakers were run with the little jolida and a cambridge d500 cd player (i thik it's the 500). Sounded .. I don't know...as I stated...more extended.

thanks so far. I'm off to bed for now...
The JOLIDA is one of the best bargains in audio.
I love the sound of the 1501RC- it's really a special amp!