Universal Remote and Lutron Lighting?

I am currently thinking about buying a universal remote for my audio/video system, and figured I may as well get one that can also work with my Lutron shades/lighting system.I have the remote that came with the lutron system, but it is big and bulky and fairly ugly. It would be nice if I could use a universal remote that also has the RF trasmitter for use with Lutron equipment. I have seen remotes with the RF feature but I am not sure if that means they can be programmed for use with Lutron equipment.
Anyone done this or know if its possible?
Yes its possibe but is the Lutron RF? If its not you will need a remote that does hybrid or both RF and IR output, Harmony sells remotes that work with many systems for lights, screens and such. I have a older Sony AVS3000 tht has light buttons for control of those items but I use it to control my Air Conditioning.
Check with Lutron, I looked into doing this with my home as while back and found the RF codes for the lights were very weird and no conventional RF remote could handle them, can't remember it if was Lutron or Leviton I was looking at....