Universal remote for Linn???


I purchased a used Linn Majik preamp a while back ago without the remote control. I have a friend who wants to purchase it, but wants the convenience of a remote control. Does anyone know of any inexpensive universal remotes that have preprogrammed Linn commands? Thanks,


FYI - His Cambridge Audio CD player has a volume control that works on the Majik.
I'm not sure your definition of "inexpensive" - but I am using a Logitech Harmony 670 which cost me about $100 at Best Buy and it's fantastic.

Their on-line database has codes for nearly every component you can imagine - from Linn to Meridian to Audio Research - all my gear was there.
Thanks! It's a little more than I want to spend (especially since I am selling it for $350), but its nice to know I have options.
Hooray!  So glad I found this thread!  I just got a Linn Majik and ordered a remote for it from Italy.  The remote arrives today, only it doesn’t work on the Linn at all; instead, it changes presets on my Meridian tuner.  Go figure.

So when I read above that my Cambridge CD player remote works volume on the Linn, I’m now one happy camper.

I’ll be even happier if when I receive the Meridian 551 integrated next week if this Italian remote works on that unit, because I’m reading that a lot of people don’t really like the expensive large Meridian MSR remote.
Correction, this Passion-Electro remote from overseas, that was selling in Italy & France, does work the Linn Majik I (orig shoe box sized) in volume, balance, & source selection.  Takes some monkeying around first.

If it’s on TV, then the source button changes presets on my Meridian 504 tuner.

If it’s on SAT, then the V+ & V- work Bal & the large round series of controls, that’s on every remote these days works Volume & Source Selection.