Unused balanced outputs

Is it necessary to short unused balanced outputs? I know inputs must be for optimum performance, just wondering if same applies for outputs.

Thanks guys.
Do not short your outputs! You would probably blow up your preamp. In addition I would be amazed if anyone can actually verify any benefit to short balanced inputs.
Thanks. That is kind of what I thought, just was not sure. I had one of those know it all electrical type guys over recently and he commented about the unused balanced connections needing to be covered or capped and I was not sure what he was talking about.

Glad I did not take his advice!
if you want to experiment, you might try terminating the unused outputs with 600 ohm resistors soldered onto the Cannon plugs (placed across pins 2&3 I think, but do verify that) pin 1 I think is the ground pin which wouldn't be connected to anything.