Update From Ron New Day Record Covid 19 Battle

Ron and his whole family have been battling Covid for a month. This is a update he posted on YouTube. Good to hear things are improving and wishing him and family the best.


Watch "Where have I been? Covid-19" on YouTube


So many cult members willing to kill off their own for the good of the cult. So glad I'm not a member. You guys are gonna become an endangered (sub) species.

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BTW, just posting to relate may own "jab" experience. The first one, I felt a little fuzzy in my right arm and leg (the side I got my first shot in) right afterwards but it went away later on in the day. A few days later I got a LITTLE sick, it felt like a very mild cold and without the blocked / drippy nose or coughing. That lasted for about 1.5 days I think. The second shot I had done on my left arm I didn't notice any of the above symptoms. Both shot locations felt sore after a day. I imagine that's how it would feel like if someone knuckle-punched you in the arm and left a bruise; if you touched it / lay on it, etc, it would ache. That gradually went away over a several days. I got the Pfizer one. I'll probably go back for boosters to make sure my immunity is topped up.

Let's all revisit this three years from now, shall we?

Well, maybe not all.

Be in pursuit of the good, the beautiful, and the true.

None of which come from your TV.