Update on good Ethernet switch

ASI mentioned before I didnot want to say the brand until I heard the Ethernet switch not only after 300 hours which was recommended having a OX over controlled clock , 

and with what myself always do the weak link on any audio component starts with the stock power cord , for minimal monies the Pangea using Cardas grade 1 copper 6-9s. Awg14 sig,Mk2 , and getting rid of the 50 cent bottle neck fuse I put in a 1.25amp 20mm L ,slow blow synergistic purple fuse  these increase fidelity at least 5-7% the switch itself At least 5%  if you know the name Jays audio for transports ,his other company LHY Audio  the SW8 Ethernet switch for   $595 nothing has all this in a nice machined aluminum case , even the uptone ether regen or Sonore deluxe  using a with fiber optic which btw lessens the realism imo both were used witha Sbooster2 LPS , ,theSW8 Ethernet switch  is a great buy ,and if you add a decent power cord  and upgrade the fuse you  will be rewarded further , 7 of us reviewed this and 6 out of 7 thought it was a noticeable improvement vs the others  there were2 other brands which were more ,that were not even that good and had switch mode pS




Wifi router to optical adapter via Ethernet.
Optical out to modded Cisco 2960 switch (which has optical in).
Switch to streamer.

I have a couple of Teradak linear power supplies. One I’ll use on my modem. They are decent power supplies. Certainly have an okay reputation in audio.

I will probably look to get one of these at the end of the year (Puritan PSM156 first).

Just received my TearaDac TS 212 and will need to step down to. 1g SFP as 10G will not work with this switch. More to come Sunday and will compare to my 10G SFP+ setup. Low risk investment at $250 with oxo clock. 

made a few modifications to our system and have integrated the TaraDak S212 SFP and had to use the FTLF1318P3BTL 1.25Gb/s RoHS Compliant 1310nm SFP Transceiver replacing my 10G cages and transceivers. I will say the OXCO clock in this devise is very beneficial in reducing jitter and this setup with S212 is a performance upgrade to my digital FEU than just going fiber alone. More details to come as the S212 is in my system longer. Very impressed with the $$$ to performance level. All said well under $500.00 for the upgraded S212, FTLF1318P3BTL, Cage and cables. Supra CAT 8 and OCFO.

@tonywinga , I would recommend decoupling/isolation with a pair of fiber media converters (FMCs/SFP transceivers) and a fiber patch cable in between. Use a low noise lps or similar for the decoupled FMC. Thereafter, use a good ethernet cable from the likes of Audioquest from the decoupled FMC to streamer, etc.

It is a more effective approach with very discernable results than spending on these snake oil priced ethernet switches.