Upgrade bedroom system

I am wanting to upgrade my bedroom system. My current system is NAD c320bee integrated, c542 cd player, c422 tuner, and Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers. I am starting this thread in the speaker forum because the speakers must be placed right up against the wall. I will need either front ported speakers or ones with a sealed enclosure. It will be a nearfield listening arrangement. Then I will want an integrated amp and cd player that match the speakers. I listen mostly to classical and jazz and relatively low to moderate volumes.
Thanks for your suggestions.
I am using (front-ported, 91 dB) Triangle Titus ES in my bedroom and they work well against the wall. However you may not need their sensitivity, depending on your amp (mine is a 16WPC triode push-pull) and the size of your room.

So if I were looking for speakers to go right up against the wall I would look for models specifically designed to do it. The Triangles are one such design but IMHO they are a (slight) compromise, because they do provide more depth when moved out a bit.

The North Creek bookshelf line is the one I would consider if I could. These are less sensitive than the Triangles (all around 87 dB) but they are IMHO well worth considering as you upgrade. They are meant to go no more than 4 in. from the wall; they are highly innovative, way overbuilt and I hope to be auditioning the TOTL model in a month or two.

I am using Spica TC50s in my bedroom, and am very happy with them. I had them and some other gear sitting around, and on a lark just put them on the floor against the wall, and get surprisingly good sound. The corner loading helps their low frequency output. Probably not ideal for imaging and high frequency accuracy; most would put them on stands, out from the wall, but they will still work well against the wall, and you will probably not be in an optimum listening position either. They sound great at low volume, although they do not do loud with real authority. If you can swing a used Pass Aleph3 (witha Theta Miles CD player), it would be a great match for the TC50s, as would an Arcam delta 290.