Upgrade Cables or Just Upgrade Equipment & Live in Shame?

I have a perfectly adequate hodgepodge of cables.

Basically a dog from each town.


Kimber 8T speaker cables

Mismatched length Transparent Audio I/Cs. DAC to Integrated

Basic Shunyata Ethernet cable. DAC to Streamer

Cable company Ethernet lines from Router to Streamer-Yes the ones from Comcast, Cox, Infinity etc-Amir says they are lovely BTW.

GR Research Power Cable + Assorted Pangea A9s

Some Chinese Fiber from TV to DAC.

StraightWire Digital- DVD to DAC


The only thing I have two of are the Pangea Power Cables!


Believe it or not I am pretty happy with the sound overall.


I use SolidSteel Tables and Dynaudio Stands + assorted room treatments.


Gear list just so you have a complete picture:

Pass Labs INT25

John "Fritz" Heilor Carerra 7 BE standmount Speakers

REL 5Ti Subwoofer

Innuos Zen Mk 3 Streamer/Burner/Storer

ANK 4.1x DAC

Balanced Power Transformer

Uptone Audio EtherRegen


If I avoid going the "Cable Envy" route I would instead buy 3 more subs

to have an array


What say ye???

Anyone with a system analysis ??






I've owned $150 power cords and $3,500 power cords. I've owned $400 interconnects and $4,500 interconnects. Two things emerged from this experimentation and experience: 

a) if you can afford it, and you hear a difference, then enjoy it

b) it might be a bit silly to spend as much on the cable as on the component

People spend 50% to 100% of a component's cost on tubes. The rationale is that the tube is what produces the sound. Fair enough, but I still don't go there with my tube equipment. 


That logic is unassailable.

Spent all day today A/B/C'ing the three I/Cs I have borrowed.

Leaning toward keeping what I have!! 

Shopping DBAs now. Looking for smaller, non powered, non ported. Downfiring would be ideal.

Any suggestions?




jasonbourne52 is on point.  Don't go drastic & do a swarm.  Try adding just 1 more REL 5Ti Subwoofer and evaluate.


Best of Luck

Try adding just 1 more REL 5Ti Subwoofer and evaluate.


OR try subwoofers with a full set of controls and rolling the lows out of the mains to allow proper integration.