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roon sound wasn't as good
This is the dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about.  Innuos Sense vs Roon. Take a comparison listen sometime. Even with that said I have Roon and will keep it. Reason is simple. I will trade off some SQ for improved access to new music.... 
Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
Buy a Sony  
Visit to Mike Lavigne's house
Mike's system is something to behold. I heard some magic there. BTW "Magic" is the moment you hear music through a system and it sounds live. Only lasts a second but damn that second is a forever memory. Love to see him embark on a building pro... 
Tube tester
I seem to run across tube testers for $200-$300. Why $1,000 for this one?    
Help me pair the KEF R11 Metas...?
Never buy a speaker without hearing it first. Is it returnable?  
Raven Osprey 3.1 vs Leben cs600
No No Nannette!    
recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)
As you did not specify Tube I am guessing you want SS. My order of preference in $5-$10k Pass Luxman Accuphase Orchard Audio -Class D Ganfet    
DAC vs Music Server
Are you comparing Streamers to Streamer/DAC combos?  
Revival Audio Atalante 3 vs Fritz Carbon 7 SE MKII
Check out this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066869750969891 If you want the Fritz then buy the other model Carrera 7 BE. $2,800. Get a little REL sub like the 7Tx. Never heard the Atlantics and B&Ws are ear burners.   
Cornwall iv
The Cornwalls are good for those who want speakers closer to the back wall. Or someone who uses low powered tubes or Class A. Buy the XO upgrade from Danny Richey if you go this route. Too bad Klipsch doesn't offer that upgrade.   LaScalas are... 
vibration control - cd player
Turn up the volume a ways and put a hand on the cabinet which holds the Hegel. If you feel zero vibration -Good. If you feel anything-Bad. I like the Varney AV Room Service pads. Pricey buggers though. Is Hegel a 3 legged affair?  Now the pri... 
Chassis grounding
I am going to have a listen to that system on the 5th of March. Are you in the Seattle area by chance? How would you rate your home’s a/c power currently? Are you using a conditioner currently?  
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
A clever plot to get the WAF well oiled. If you liked the Spendor sound Klipsch is not gonna do it. Child and dog proofing can be achieved in many  ways. The Dynaudio 200 stands I own were chosen for stability. Four Widely spaced outrigger sty... 
North Carolina Audio Club
Designed for people anywhere.  
Solid State Low powered Amplifiers
+1 on AVA