Upgrade for Magnum Dynalab FT101A

Anyone out there know about upgrades for this unit, and who might make the changes?? Would apprecdiate any leads. Thanks, Maleja
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Hello Maleja,I have the same tuner and have often wondered how much better it could sound with mods.I think theres some upgrades available from Magnum Dynalabs,its been a while since ive visited thier website, Also try a google search,there is some sites devoted to tuners ,,your thread has renewed my interest,ill do some research and let you know if i find anything of interest! Regards,Ray
I have the same tuner. My question is, how often do you listen to FM? If not a lot, why bother with an upgrade (versus upgrading amp/speakers/front end)? Performance, while perhaps not great by an FM junkies' standards, is perfectly acceptable with a decent antenna.

In my case, though I enjoyed it for a while, I haven't used mine in 6 months. Then again, something may be wrong with me.
Hello Wstritt,There are some weeks that i hardly use my tuner,other times it is on for hours day and nite! Im lucky to have 4 very good FM stations that i really enjoy and discover great music that i may not have heard otherwise.Im pretty happy with the way it sounds,but if better sound can be had for a reasonable price with mods,upgrades to my tuner,,,it would be worth it to me!Also thinking of having my DAC modified,and just bought a new cart. for my TT.If it increases my enjoyment of music ,its money well spent !Sometimes im too busy or lazy to change CDs or flip albums. Peace,Ray
Remember FMS, an interconnect & speaker cable company? Many years ago there was mention in TAS & maybe Stereophile that FMS had an excellent upgrade for the 101a. I had this upgrade done on my 101a, probably in the late 1980s or early 1990s. So long ago that I could not tell you how the sound changed. I have not heard much about FMS in a while though I found a website. You might contact them for details.