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Magnepan 1.6QR and Bel Canto
I can't respond to the matching. However, if he is willing to lend them to you, why not take him up on the offer and decide for yourself? 
Adventure for HT enthousiast: BOSE Jewel Cubes
First, have him look at Gallo Micro or A'Diva speakers with a Gallo subwoofer and forget the Bose. WAF good as or better than Bose with better sound to boot. 
One Subwoofer out, two subwoofers
Thanks for the answers. I have Velodyne SPL 800's and yes they do have L & R line outs. Since cabling currently runs to receiver, it is easier to put the Y splitter at the pre-amp out. However, am I better off re-running the cables to "daisy c... 
Chang Lightspeed models
I have a 6600 MK II. It looks like the unit in the first link. My guess is that the one for sale is the original version, particularly since it is not advertised as the MK II. 
Does Anyone Know?
You might try The Esoteric UX-1 manual isn't listed on their site. However, the site says: "If there is a manual you require that is not listed on our web site, first make sure you searched correctly and then click t... 
The song you just cant stop playing???
Nothing lately but at various times earlier in life:Classical Gas - Mason WilliamsYou can't always get what you want - StonesKarn Evil 9 - ELPI'm not in love - 10CCMiracles - Jefferson StarshipWon't get fooled again - The Who 
Is Definitive Technology still in business?
I tried the web site. Seemed to be working. Try this link for list of dealers: 
How does one find an Onix dealer? has nothing to do with the audio manufacturer by the way. 
How does one find an Onix dealer?
Based on a quick internet search, I believe Onix is available online only. From the AV123 website:"We design, engineer and manufacture nearly eveything you see on our site. No dealers = no middlemen. You pay the dealer cost so you know you are get... 
Billboard's awards .....yikes
That's what Mom and Dad said in the sixties. 
any thoughts on the pioneer sx-939 receiver
Thoughts...It's 30 years old and probably in need of repair. 
is music hall out of business?
Kal, Kal, KalI'm even more confused now.In the language the question was asked, when you answered "Yes" to the question "does anybody know if they're still in business?", all we know is that someone, "as of a few days ago", in fact knew whether th... 
What other hobby or hobbies do you have?
Don't want to interrupt a fresh thread but if you try this link you will find previous answers to this question. As for me, watching baseball. 
My oh my....guys check this out
What would be the audiophile source for a 1 hz signal? Or is it only for reproducing earthquake scenes for home theaters? 
What 'entrance' music?
Well, if only for fun and given the majestic theme I'd go with one of:1) "Hail to the chief"2) Elgar's "Pomp & Circumstance"3) Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"