Upgrade from Bel Canto Evo 200.2?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the great advice and info over the years. This board has been invaluable.

I would like to ask if its worthwhile (or not) to upgrade my current amplification from Evo 200.2 mono blocks to more contemporary amplification. Class D or Class A/B is indicated as it’s too hot here for tubes or Class A, unfortunately.

If anyone out there has experience upgrading Evo 200.2s, I would love to hear what it took to get a significant improvement in the $2k-$4k used price range.

For reference, my system is Ayre QB-9 > Ayre K5xeMP > Bel Canto 200.2 > KEF LS-50 + SVS Ultra 16.

I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!
Op one of the most magica ams you can get is the coda 8

The .8 csn be ordered as a classa/b amp which runs quite cool and at any time you xcan send the amp back and have it rebase with more class a power

American made superb sound up to 500 watts hreat bass a huge soundstage neutral yet a bit of mirange warmth

Dave and troy
Audio intellect coda dealers

There’s a review of a D-Sonic amp on 6Moons that compares it directly to the 200.2.  The M3a-800S is only $1475 new, and they offer a trial period that might be worth exploring. 

Then there are the amps like the Audiophonics HPA-S400ET based on the relatively new Purifi technology that could be very interesting too.  Just a couple options to noodle over FWIW.