Upgrade from BS Node 2i?

Wanted to get some honest opinions - in the past, I owned a Gold Note streamer, and an STR pre amp...all of which sounded wonderful. But, music was really a tertiary usage of mine. Since then my system, and preferences have gone through big changes. I am now running Revel 228bes w/ dual Rythmik G25HPs. Anthem avm90 processor and ATI amp.

I am really enjoying 2 channel much more now, so thinking about a bump in sound quality. I run coax, so I'm using the dac of the AVM90. I know that w/ high quality streamers, there are other things (clocks, power supply, etc) that make a difference as well, not just the dac. So, where do I go? I was thinking a Lumin D2 but not sure. I don't want to spend a ton, as I still don't do music enough to justify spending $2-4K again (done that twice). 

I know eventually the anthem will become a Roon endpoint so I was thinking about waiting for that as well. But...I also like streamers haha. I'm looking for something w/ a decent app too, as I don't really like BluOS.

Thanks for any input, I'm just starting my search so open to all sorts of ideas. 

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I like the idea of separating streamer and DAC - more opportunity to adjust sound via the DAC without having to sell the whole thing. I moved from a Node to the Lumin U2 Mini and a Topping DAC (tried a few and ended up with the old D70s with the AKM chipset). I found the DAC in the Node just ok and I had the Lumin D2 for a bit and really didn't like the sound - found it dull and lifeless. I like the Lumin app better than BluOS - lot of functionality although it's kind of ugly.