Upgrade Input Needed -Discovery and Dunlavy to ??

I need help with cable upgrades. Looking to replace the Dunlavy speaker cable and Discovery IC. Originally liked Discovery because of smoothness and lack of bite, same with Dunlavy. BTW the speakers are biwired.

Need to know what the "killer value" ideas are today, I haven't kept ups since about 1998? As you can see most of my stuff is of that mid end value ilk or so I feel.

Also would like some power cord advice. At least for the CAL as the weight of the cord is causing fray at input area. That can't be good for the sound! Entry level not too pricey stuff. $75 to $150?

System consists of AI Modulus 3 pre to McCormick DNA.5 deluxe via Discovery IC (regular) CAL Delta CD transport to EAD 7000 Mk III DSP via Ensemble Digiflux, Von Schweikert VR4 speakers biwired with Dunlavy Z6.

Thanks to all for your contributions. I just found this site and so far am impressed with the quality of the responses.
I'm comparing Discovery Essence (tried it?...smooth without loss of detail) with Siltech ST48b, which is indeed razor-like up top, but great on some recordings. Preliminary results are that the Essence is more forgiving, but that the Siltech can be edgy on massed vocals. But it almost puts brushes and cymbals too much in the room (forward in the mix) compared to the maybe better-balanced Essence.
Harm Tech Pro-Silway MkII had similar top end high-lighting, but an even more depressed midrange (like Nordost) than the Siltech. Both the Siltech and the Essence have GREAT bass and mids, as well.
That's all I can add right now.
Good luck.
Hello,I use VR-6s and the Omega Mikros work great.They are available with 30 day money back guarantee.Don't forget Walkers'HDLs.If you need help on pricing,please contact me.Good luck and enjoy,Merry Xmas! Tom