Upgrade Minuets to Supreme Plus?

I just got myself into a pair of the original Minuets and am liking the sound, considering the placement that I'm forced to use due to furnishing. Now, I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to upgrade to the Supreme Plus version.

If it isn't going to be a night and day difference, I'll just put the money toward something else.

As always, thanks.
Wow, I'm surprised tht no one has replied to this questtion.

I supposed I'll be able to answer my own question pretty soon. I now have a set of the Minuet Supreme Pluses on the way.
I'm guessing no one has done the upgrade and that's why there were no responses. I'll be interested in hearing about the differences though once you get the new ones so please post what you hear if it's not too much trouble.
I'm expecting them in tomorrow. I got them used, so they'll be broken in. I'll be sure to post something.

I also assumed that the reason I didn't get any responses was because most of those that have the original Minuets felt no need to upgrade to the Supreme Pluses. We'll see.
Just in case anyone is waiting for a response, I got my Minuet Supreme Pluses in today. So...the question was, is it worth upgrading from the Minuet to the Supreme Plus?

My answer is I don't think so. I mean, I can immediately hear that the Pluses go a bit lower, but other than that, you really need to be listening to them side by side to take note of minute differences.

What can I say? The original Minuets are great speakers and the Pluses are just a little bit better.
Thanks for the update Tonyangel. I'm a fan of the little Silverlines so I was interested in what you would hear. I appreciate the feedback.
I have had both and the supreme plus and originals both have a very similar sonic signature but the pluses have more bass.i kept the pluses.currently running them with nad326bee