Upgrade Oracle Delphi to Simon Yorke

I have a beefed up Oracle Delphi with Origin Live motor and the extra heavy duty power supply. The tonearm is ET-2 with the WISA pump and air tank. It sounds great. Much better than any previous turntable I have owned. I have been thinking of upgrading to Simon Yorke turntable. They seem to be really state of the art. In what areas would the sound improve with the Simon Yorke turntable. Thanks
DcAudio,unless you are lucky enough to find someone who has actually made this comparison,you will most likely not have an accurate answer.Speculation is about as good as it will get.
That being said,what you currently have,is a superb front end,as I'm sure you know.The "York" has a great reputation,and most likely,you will gain the advantages that come with a more massive platter.So there will "probably" be a perceptive improvement!Sorry,that's the best I can do.I hope you get a better answer to your question.

Best of luck!
>>>In what areas would the sound improve with the Simon Yorke turntable.<<<

hmmmm.... the Yorke will give greater resolution & articulation; better pitch stability; sharper & more precise focus & imaging; greater bass extension, dynamics & power and an improved sense of solidity and confidence to the presentation, etc.
In fact, you should hear gains to at least a small degree and often substantial improvements in pretty much every traditional hifi criteria that you care to think of. Interestingly tho,in spite of the Yorke's undeniable competance,there's still something to be said for the Delphi's way of making romance with the music it plays.