upgrade project phono to?

I've had it with my brand new 2xperience. Something is wrong with it and all adjustments still lead to much of the same. Don't know what it is but I'm taking it back. I want to upgrade, will have to stay with project I'm sure. I have the project tube box se2 pre amp- cj pre tube and cj amp with b&w speakers. Which project should I go to as they have three models above the 2xperience. rm9.1 $1500 and one other about the same price I think its the 2xpression or something, then they have the rm10 $2600. none of which come with cartridge so along with recomendation maybe the minimum cartridge to go with and I might want to stick with sumiko here to if they agree to let me return player with no hassle. but feel free to reccomend another just in case.
Looks like I'm going to get the Mcintosh mt10. they made me an offer I can't refuse on this. If this table is worth half its retail then I'm in good shape and they've taken very good care of me. That will go a long way for me.
I got the table and its awesome. The mcintosh MT10 is the best thing I've ever invested in for my system. It has made me realize I need better source components at the cd and sacd before I do any other upgrades in my system as before this table I wanted to upgrade amp and speaker. Not any more, I've got my eye on a cd and or sacd upgrade now. Possibly the new two part cd transeport and D to A converter from Mcintosh or something. The music out of my system now is so much more beautiful than before. The setup and adjusting is so easy on this table and Mcintosh went to great lengths obviously to make sure know one can mess this up. If I can do it anyone can. You don't need any special tools or test albums or nothing. It comes with everything you need to get it set to optimum performance. I highly reccomend this table to any person who listens to vinyl, if you have the budget get it. This table involved a lot more setup than my project but it was so detailed in the instructions and the tools they give you to make sure you get it exactly right is unlike anything I've seen before.
Thanks and hope you experience what I have