Upgrade speaker cables from ARC Litzlink

First time poster here. My system is comprised of ARC SP-9 Mk3 pre, w Leach SuperAmp monoblocks bi-wired to Genesis IM 8300( the Arnie Nudell creation)

Recently swapped out my Litzlink interconnects for Shunyata Venom and noted greater detail and depth. Some of this could have been due to the length of the pre to amp interconnect, 5m down to 2m. This was due to a change in homes and into a smaller audio area. The Venoms impressed me and so I have been contemplating change in speaker cables as well. The Litzlink is 30+ years old.
Thoughts on cables to try out and whether bi-wire is all it has been cracked up to be particularly given the advance in cable technology.


Broken record here, but Acoustic Zen solved all my issues and brought considerable improvement to my system after trying a number of other cables. I am using Satori’s, you can go up the chain from there. 

If you are impressed with the Venom IC's, absolutely start with the Venom speaker cables...I've been using all Cerious cables since I sold off my ARC cables...

Do either of you find a need or want to bi-wire? If u did, any particulars regarding improvement u discerned?

I like to use double run or jumpers identical to speaker cables...do not like internal biwire...bi-wiring is a long, endless debate here,. thousands of comments...

Given price of some of these cables, I would not mind avoiding doubling the cost. May try single to begin with see if technology is enough of a difference maker from 30yrs ago.