Upgraded Mac Mini Power Cord

There's very little written about power cords for computers, so I thought I'd post my impressions of a power cable I just received, an MPC Series Power Cable by PI Audio designed for the Mac Mini. I have about 15 hours on it, so I feel it's gone through its initial burn-in and I'm ready to comment.

Whoa! This is amazing. What follows is a list of obvious improvements:

The most obvious improvement is in macro dynamics. Music just has more visceral impact.

Next is bass weight and tunefulness. My Merlins have a level of bass slam now that is remarkable.

Brass instruments sound VERY live, like the best electrostatics.

More continuous sound, making it easier to follow all musical lines.

Soundstage is bigger, deeper and more lifelike in the context of the recording milieu.

As advertised, there has been definite improvement over the past 15 hours, and further improvement is promised over the next 80-100 hours.

I am frankly very surprised. I thought that my system would be immune to power cord upgrade for the Mini. I have a John Kenny modified HiFace that is 100% battery power and I thought this had gone a long way to isolate my front end from the effect of AC noise. But I couldn't have been more wrong. This is a very worthwhile upgrade.

System: Equi=tech Q2 Balanced Power unit; Mac Mini; John Kenny modified HiFace USB/SPDIF converter; Altmann Attraction DAC; ARS-Sonum Filarmonia integrated tube amp; Merlin Master VSM's; Cardas Clear and Golden Reference cables.
I wholeheartedly agree that the PI Audio products are excellent - and that Mini power cord is, in particular, a bargain...
Hi, does the Mac mini have the same power connector as a MacBook Pro?
Good idea, never thought of it.
Doesn't the MacBook Pro have that little magnetic connector? The Mac Mini uses an IEC C7 (figure 8) connector the same as used on many optical dic players.