Upgraded Power Supply for Darbee DVP-5000S

I have been using the Darbee Darblet in our reference Home Theater room for about a year now with some observable success. We have been using the 'wall wart' supplied with the product. I recently became aware of the  TeraDak DC-30W DARBEE Visual Presence DVP-5000 Linear Power Supply. Looks like a quality upgrade, but I have not found any reviews or discussion on the item.

Any experience or commentary on this product would be greatly appreciated.
Technically speaking, engineer types will normally say that a linear power supply for this HDMI digital processing will not have any benefit in quality.  However, there are some who say that linear power supply will help video quality (such as those who have done the linear power supply mod on an Oppo bluray player).  Also, some say that switching power supplies can have a negative impact on the rest of the audio equipment (creating switching noise on the A/C line).
Yes you will see some difference prob less noise if their are any present in the video images when put on still mode.