UPgradeing dedicated line components

Six months ago I installed 3 dedicated lines for audio. One to amp, one to preamp, and one to digital. I used standard solid core 10ga romex for amp and 12 ga otherwise. I have a Square D box with distance to outlets not more than 20'. Used hospital grade outlets, however inexpensive ones.

I seek input on value of:
1) Upgrading the breakers in the square D box.
2) Replacing the romex for 10ga stranded cable for all lines.
3) Upgrading the outlets to PS audio or something of ~equal value.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Mike
I could not agree more with all that you wrote,...thanks for the detail. Happy Listening!
Romex coming out of the wall, directly connected to an IEC and then the equipment, is a violation of all safety codes, and will void your insurance in the event of a fire.
Was referring to Lacee's statement about saving time and frustration moving from one piece of equipment and cable to another over a long period of time and the importance of room and power delivery both from things I've not done as well as those steps I have taken....
I understand my set up is not in compliance,but it works for me.
The wires are not in contact with any carpets or surfaces that could become flammable.

I think I have read about fires starting with electric wiring buried behind dry wall and wood framing, so perhaps the code has it's flaws.

In reality, what I am doing is no different than someone using extension cords.

I can break the signal at the amp, it's not hardwired, which I believe is a valid code violation.

So, are the folks who run extension cords to their amps from a wall socket also violating the electrical code?

How about the fellow with a current hungry amp using sub standard 18 guage extension cord?
I could see that wire overheating in this case.

10 guage romex, not so much.
If it's going to overheat and cause a fire, then there's more chance of that when it's buried behind insulation in a wall.

I am not stating that what I do should be done by anyonelse.

Your options will provide inconsequential improvements.
Consider isolation for your preamp and then digital and then amp. Digital hash plays havoc with sensitive amplification. Even fairly modest older MIT Z Stabilizer 2 (plugged in parallel) will likely improve your sound quite dramatically.