Upgradeitis: New/used/vintage amp for KG4

I just did Crites upgrades on the tweeter and crossover for my KG4's (owned since purchased new in 1985), and now I'm waxing nostalgic for the amp which used to power them.

At the time, I used a Luxman L-430 integrated. Great combo. Wish I still had it, but stupidly gave it up.

Currently running a Denon AVR-4800, with the the KG4's doing main R/L duty in a 5.1 setup (all Klipsch).

Thinking about going to a simple 2 channel set up. While I do watch some movies on this system, it is 99% music, and THX surround sound etc., does not really excite me all that much. (So, I say, but when the lobby gunfight scene in the matrix is cranked, I do get chills from the incredible sound experience!)

Lately have been trolling eBay, CL and the like for a vintage Luxman something, and/or kits for a DIY valve amp etc.

The resale value on the Denon is truly crap, although it appears that this model was specced more towards the quality in the amp section, and is a powerhouse from that regard.

Anyone have suggestions for a reasonable cost, good matching amp that can be found in the used marketplace and is a good match?
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Thanks Viridian, you have hit the nail on the head in terms of what I'm leaning towards. Lot's of choices in that vein.

I will say that the Crites upgrade is all that people rave about. (I did both tweeter and crossover replacement). Makes it a lot easier to listen to on SS.
I'd void Dennon. It's been having reliability issues(hence the resale value is no value at all). I tried to purchase some Dennon junk, but quit since troubleshooting and repairing these units is nearly impossible.
I'd also highly recommend Scott 299 or nice Luxman vintage models.
Emotiva have a pretty nice receiver that you might want to consider, the Fusion 8100. It currently sells for $449 and Emo will allow you 30 days in-home trial. It has honestly spec'd. amplification, unlike most HT AVRs, and a good room correction system. It also comes with a 5 year warranty - *much* longer than the competition.

I bet this would sound pretty darn good with the speakers you have...


If you go with a vintage amp, you really need to take your choices on a case by case basis. Condition is important, of course, but most vintage amps have had some mods done to them to make them work better in a modern system. Removable PC, better binding posts, rca connectors..., that type of thing. Also, if you go with mono amps, you have to make sure they are exactly the same. Years ago, mono amps weren't always sold in pairs, so its very likely, that if someone has 2, there can be some differences.
Low powered single ended amps or a chip amp from Derek Sanderson of Fleawatt will make those KG4's sound the best. You never really heard what Klipsch's are capable of until you put really low power on them.