Upgrading speaker cables advice.

Hello everyone,

  I’m wanting to upgrade my speaker cables and would appreciate a little feedback. I have a Mark Levinson 585, a Lumin D2 and Audio Physics Tempo Plus speakers. I’m currently using MIT 750 shotgun speaker cables. I replaced my old MIT ( 330 plus ) interconnects with Nordost Heimdall. I tried the Heimdall-1 and Frey-1 speaker cables but found them a little too lean with a loss of depth compared to my MITs. I heard both of the second versions are a little warmer but I really don’t want to loose the depth in the soundstage. Keeping the price around $2000-2500 max is about what I’m willing to go right now. Used or demo are also an option for me. Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


There’s a pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram ll bi-wire cables on US Audio Mart for only $650 that may provide meaningful improvements on the cheap.  If they don’t you can just turn around and sell’em for little/no loss.  I use AZ’s cheaper Satori cables and they are excellent all-around cables so Holograms should be even better.  Best of luck. 
Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix should be auditioned. Robert has a return policy.

Another vote for the Fidelium Speaker Cables!
Keep in mind there's a 30 day trial period....
I bought a used pair of the Frey 2 speaker cables and they sound great; lots of detail, full of “presence.”  Not dry or analytical at all. I have heard that the original Frey and Heimdall wires were a little dry. That problem has been more than fixed in the “2” versions. I was also moving from MIT wires and the Frey 2 were no more dry or analytical than the MITs had been. The Nordost cables just added more realism to the music. 
I bought mine used for 2K, so you should be able to find something in your price range. 
Good luck