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Who went to the PNW Audio fest show and how was it?
I went on Friday and Saturday. My wife and I had a great time! We heard some equipment I have read about but never heard. We also heard some great sounding equipment we had never heard of. Lots of exhibitors were showing their equipment in hotel... 
What to do?
Hi Hollande - Thanks for your input. That was my first thought, it seems logical.  The cable should come today. We’ll have to hear what happens!   Ken      
What to do?
You’re right, of course.  It’s been a long time since I hooked everything up.   Thank you for clearing my head. (On my own stuff!)   ken  
Streamer Recommendation
I started with a Blusound Node (the new one).  It sounded very good for the price.  Eventually, I started wondering if there was another, not amazingly expensive, alternative.   Then, I realized that my Bryston BDP-3 could stream Qobuz (duh).  It... 
Recommendations for automatic tonearm lift
I used the “Little Fwend” on my VPI Prime for over 6 months. I could never get it to work consistently. The tone arm would either bounce back to the middle of the record after hitting the trip wire or nothing would happen when the tonearm hit trip... 
Replace inner sleeves on used records?
Thank you all for your thoughts. It seems like I’m on the right track. I know that when I buy a used record and find it is wrapped in something other than just a plain white inner sleeve I feel like it has been taken care of by it’s previous owner.   
Choosing the right equipment
Dear OP - You have a wonderful Dad!  And, you are an amazing son for bringing music back into your Dad’s life.    You certainly can get a system for under $1,000.    Right now Music Direct has a Marantz PM5005 integrated amp with a mm phono stag... 
Which subwoofer?
You guys have been amazing with your ideas and advice. Thank you!I’ve been laid low because of medical problems. Once things improve (soon) I certainly have a lot to consider!Thank you, again! 
Which subwoofer?
Thank you all for your thoughts. I’m really liking the idea of the RELs. There are multiple dealers in my area that will allow me to get a listen.  
Which subwoofer?
The REL looks interesting, but I have what is probably a stupid question. The REL t5x goes down to 32 hz and my Martin Logans go down to 34 hz. Will I notice the additional 2 hz of bass energy?Thanks for your responses.  
Classical Top Five
No love for Handel? 
Schumann Resonator
Where do you place them in your room?  I read that they should be at least 5 feet off the floor, but, is higher better?  Should they be placed facing the listing chair, etc.?Thanks for the help! 
Static electricity
In addition to washing every new record when I first get it home, I use a Furutech Destat III on each side of a record before I play it. This does a great job of getting rid of static electricity. I then store the records in MFSL inner sleeves. Th... 
Upgrading speaker cables advice.
I bought a used pair of the Frey 2 speaker cables and they sound great; lots of detail, full of “presence.”  Not dry or analytical at all. I have heard that the original Frey and Heimdall wires were a little dry. That problem has been more than fi... 
Shunyata Venom vs Delta NR power cables
I started out with Venom power cables. Then I moved to Nordost Heimdall 2 cords and experienced a huge increase in all those adjectives that people use to describe improved performance. I recently bought a Shunyata Delta NR 2 power cord to run fro...