Upgrading to latest router tech, and adding a LPS power

Most routers out there are still running slower 3.0 Doc sis .  I bought the newer Motorola  MG 8702  using the much newer 3.1 Doc sis  which is 3-4x faster , it has a much bigger processor and buffer better Wifi range  in this Modem-Router combo. It was $300, then $250 I bought it is is now $224 and if you signup for Amazon credit card the router is $99 quite the deal , it has a much l larger processor it takes 12 v and 3.5 amps . Just to try it I put a 12 v 8 amp LPS power supply. It makes all your digital better lower noise floor and blacker back grounds , 5 others listened not knowing what Power supply was in every one heard the improvement . I then decided to get a media converter  Ethernet to fiber optic , then at the other end a Sonore Deluxe optical converter using very good linear regulators and Femto clocks.   For the 3 LPS around $700 ,the Sonore optical $500 and the converter package around $300 at. Small green computer. Noticeably better then the uptone ether regen which I then sold .the system is much more musical the digital glare is gone , and have fiber optic from after the router to the Sonore deluxe no noise can ride from the fiber optic  if you are into digital a very worth wild venture for little investment.


No surprise this has improved your streaming. I've experimented with modems,routers, and lps to power them over the years, all  can substantially improve  SQ. Good idea to provide lps with greater amperage capacity than equipment requires, less heat, more durability minimally, SQ may also be improved with these higher quality supplies. I continue to find the OpticalRendu superior solution even with my new custom built streamer. For another notch up in sound replace your generic FMC with OpticalModule powered by quality lps. On top of that you can replace the existing or standard optical transceiver with the Finisar Sonore offers, I'm waiting on the enterprise level Finisar transceivers to come back into stock prior to experimenting here. The better transceivers have measurably less jitter vs the standard variety.


In any case, you've discovered every single component in streaming chain has bearing on SQ.