UPS Driver Literally Drops Package with New Hana Umami Red

I just purchased a Hana Umami Red and it arrived yesterday. I looked back at my ring doorbell video footage and saw that the UPS driver literally dropped the package from about waist high onto my porch. Here is a link to the shared video:

It was packaged well from the distributor and everything looks fine (I opened the box before realizing this happened). I haven’t installed yet, but I’m pretty upset by this and not sure I want to install it. The rational side of me is saying these packages see much worse during transit, but I’m worried about the possible damage or latent damage this careless act may have caused. How robust are phono cartridges and how susceptible to shipping damage?  Looking for some opinions please.



@knock1 I trusted in the response from my dealer and initial responses here.  I'm still waiting to take delivery on my Brinkmann Taurus so I won't know 100% until I complete the install.

This issue is not living rent free in my head, so I find it funny to see people trying to get in the last word in an otherwise dead thread LOL.

I haven't replied to this thread in about a month and completely forgot about it.  But I still see people jumping back in to belittle me for still worrying (which I'm not!), or offering unsolicited life lessons such as ordering through brick and mortar dealers.  Give me a break....keyboard warriors with nothing better to do.

You might want to turn off your ring camera before they deliver the turntable ... 😉


Thanks. I would venture out to say, like others on this thread, that there is no damage to this great cartridge of yours due to delivery drop. 

I am enjoying my Hana ML, Umami might be next.

Give us your impressions, por favor🙂

@dill Brinkmann is delivering to the dealer so I'm saved in that regard!

@knock1 yeah, I'm hopeful its fine.  Glad you're enjoying your Hana.  I'll let you know my thoughts once I set everything up.  The custom HRS isolation base just arrived this week, so I'm only waiting on the Taurus now.