USB cable less than $100, what's your favorite and why?

What's your favorite USB cable (for computer to DAC, A to B) for less than $100 (new), and why? To my surprise, they make a difference, and decidedly so. Vs my printer cable which I've used for 5 years, both the Supra 2.0 and the Wireworld Ultra Violet are significant upgrades. I'm borrowing both from a friend, and am leaning towards buying a Supra, which to my ears  results in more back to front differentiation in the soundstage. The tone quality of either cable is terrific, compared to my basic printer cable.(I don't think the cable itself is causing tonal differences, I think they are conveying the info better to the DAC, so the DAC has different/more Zeros and 1s to process or they are arriving in a less corrupted state than they do with the printer cable).

So what else is out there in that price range that you like? Thanks!

(Please -- if you think USB cables are all hype/all the same/its just 1's and zeros, I can't hear difference...fine with me that you feel that way, that was my thought for 5 years, so I understand that perspective. But, I don't share that perspective anymore, having gotten ahold of a couple and plugged them into my system. Whatever gets done to ones and zeros, its gets done differently or better with the two cables I have on hand.  So respectfully - please don't post a response, if its just to state that you don't believe it can make a difference. Thank you in advance for that.)

My living room system is all Supra cables. I live in Sweden and they are made here so the price is quite nice, for example a Supra 1.0 meter USB cable is $28 here. However, I believe Supra makes great cables. 

I had the opportunity to borrow a Ansuz USB A2 2.0 that retails here for $860 and I honestly did not hear any difference to my Supra USB cable.
Very cool. Here in the USA, a two meter 2.0 will run me $60 plus $12 or so for shipping (from a US source, if they are in stock). That's in the budget. $860 is not in the budget. So I'm glad to hear Supras perform nicely by comparison with higher end stuff. I suspect that like many other things, there are diminishing returns as you go further up the chain.  Thanks for your  post.
I have found that Supra and Mogami wires work great with my systems and have not observed any audible gains from using much more expensive brands. Might be my ears or equipment that is not "there" but saves me $$$. :-)