user poll on seperates vs integrated

Hey guys, I wanted to try and crowd-source some (likely very opinionated, unscientific) knowledge.  I've read about the benefits of separates (have only ever used integrated myself), and I'm wondering how those benefits compare to the benefits of higher end parts/assembly, when controlled for cost.


To put it more plainly, would you likely get better overall results from a $5000 preamp and $5000 amp, or from a $10,000 integrated, given the likely quality/components used in equipment in those price ranges.


If you're experienced both separates, and integrated amps that cost the equivalent of those separate parts added together, can you speak to which you preferred?


Thanks for weighing in.


I am very happy with my MOON Simaudio 700i integrated (current retail £15.5k or $16k). If I have one very, very minor grumble I would like a second balanced input.

I prefer using separates because I like using more than one power amp I started out with my tube amp and my tube pre amp and just recently bought Magnepan speakers l bought a D class amp with lots of watts/ccurrent for the Maggie’s So I like the ability to swap out my amps depending on the type of music I might be listening to I run RCA from one amp and XRL to the other the other to my tube pre amp l also use a high quality speaker switch

Separates,  easier to change out if you ever want to upgrade it's cheaper. And I think amps should be separated. 

You really want hi end sound.....Tube pre with a good Class D amp...The Audio-GD HE-1 XLR @ 4k is the best sounding pre that the Part Time Audiophile has Ever heard. the 10 tubes may be part of the reason. Also has its own regenerative power supply built in...I combined that with the ever popular GaN 400 watt Peachtree Amp and it’s perfect synergy. And synergy is what its all about, good luck. If you can afford an Aavik integ. class D amp. go for it. Awsome sound.














































































There’s a lot more to invest in with separates, 1) cables 2) power cords 3) space, the trade offs considering the current state of high end components might be minimal. I’ve also talked to some very knowledgeable people about the benefits of mono blocks….very little if any according to them. Not trying to stir anything up but some things to consider. Myself, I have separates, and one amplifier, not really by design but collecting and upgrading my system over the years. Separate components do give you the ability to do that, and that might be worth it.