Usher BE-20 inquiry

Hopefully will be purchasing BE-20s shortly and have a few questions after reading much info throughout the audio sites:

Room size recommendations: My room is 17' x 20' x 9', well treated with bass traps x 4 corners and the entry has x2 french doors (about 4' x 7' open) along a side wall. I'm thinking BE-20s would work or thoughts about BE-10s a better fit for my space?

Amps: Currently have ASL Hurricanes; I have read they are an overall good match but the woofers like SS with good damping factor. Thoughts?

Listening: I cannot listen to these speakers before purchasing (please don't ask), so does anyone know of an Agoner with BE-20s, BE-10s or the DMD monitors somewhere in and around Austin TX who would be gracious enough for a quick demo?

Thanks in advance for your advice/opinions.
You might have too small of a room for the 20's. The 10's might be a better fit. I have the new mini dancer 2's in a 27 x 13 ft room with great results.
Thanks for the advice. I did ask the gentlemen at KCI and they sold their pair with the modified xover a while back, but did have very positive things to say about the BE-20s. Luckily, I managed to be able to get an audition before making any decisions.

Did you ever get a chance to hear the Ushers? I hear they are quite the speaker!