Using an external word clock with Esoteric cd/sacd players

Considering the use of an external word clock with my Esoteric cd/sacd player, it has a word clock BNC input. Wanted to ask two questions;
1.) Are you relegated to using only an Esoteric word clock device? or
2.) Can you use another manufacturer like some of the pro audio word clocks, eg. Antelope OCXHD, Black Lion, Tascam, etc.?
Thanks for your input.
You're not limited to an Esoteric model.  Several Esoteric owners use cybershaft clocks, for example.
Why not just use a good DAC? Any good DAC reduces jitter (clocks not synced) to well below audibility.
I’m using a 10mhz Stanford Research Systems Perfection 10 with a K-01X. The Mutec is also well regarded. Be sure to get one with the correct impedance for your player. Some Esoterics call for 75 ohm, others 50 ohm.