Using biwired cables on speakers with only 2 connections

I generally have bought biwire speaker cables in the past, and now I have speakers that can't be bi wired.

Is there any problem if I only use two of the four wires and just Cover the other two wires so they don't touch each other. I hate the fact that I bought really expensive speaker cables and now I have this issue.

Do I use the high pass or the low pass LR pair?  Which have been marked this way so I trust there was actually a reason for them doing this and not just cosmetic

Will this impair sonic performance ?


Piggyback banana adapters are available 


they have one make that would plug into the speaker in your case , two females that you would plug both the high and low sides of the biwire into , most often one of the females is angled 

Biwiring is nonsense anyway.  The two sets of terminals were originally for bi-amping, bi-wiring is the product of a bored audiophile with an active imagination.  Just leave the extra connections off and cover them with electrical tape to prevent shorting.  Of course someone will tell you that the kind of electrical tape will make an audible difference.



My speaker cables are 11.5 awg

“Bi-wire is nonsense”. This statement is nonsense! Nobody knows if the speakers you own will sound better if you biwire them or not. 

I tri-wire my speakers which are the same recommendations from the dealer/manufacturer recommend.
Don’t let nonsense replies persuade you for not trying things out, you might like the outcome or maybe you won’t, but your ears will tell you which way to go not some poster that doesn’t know your system