Bookshelf speakers with the good bass.

Recently I've purchased Harbeth Compact 7 speakers. Vocals
are beautiful but not enough bass. My room is 17' x 11' x 9'
and speakers are placed along the long wall. Listening
distance is 9'. Speakers are placed 14" from rear wall and
7' apart. I know that my room is not ideal and that I cannot
use floorstanding speakers. Any suggestions on bookshelf
speakers with the good bass for my room. I forgot to mention,
I really wouldn't like to use subwoofer
I can stretch up to 4K.
Thanks in advance
The old Red Rose ribbon monitor. Not really deep bass, but an artful use of the old "mid-bass hump" trick.

Focal Twin 6 Be
Barefoot MM35 (really impressive for its size)
Dynaudio BM6a
Usher be-718. I love the Harbeth, but the Usher's have great bass for a stand mount if you have enough power to comand the 7" woofer, then you are good to go.
Dynaudio BM15 not BM6a is the one you want. The bass performance on this is HUGE.
A pair of previously owned Platinum Audio Solo's go for about $600 (no stretching required)and have great bass accompanied by excellent performance throughout the full frequency range.
Still occasionally come up for sale on Audiogon.
You might want to check out some of the Totem models...I've been listening to a few and am very impressed, and I have compact 7's...surprisingly, they are voiced very similiarly, yet the Totems can thunder and time unlike the Harbeths....see what you think...
Shadorne, thanks for respond. I tried to find BM15 and only
I could find is BM15A. Somehow I don't like active monitors.
Do You now by any chance where I can find BM15. Thanks
Dynaudio Acoustics BM15P is the passive model. Lot of on-line Pro sites should have it. It is an excellent speaker.
I owned a pair for about six months and used them with a Manley Stingray. Brand new pair 1100-1300 range.
Check out Fritz ( You can read some reviews on Affordable Audio as well as a recent review at

So with no mention of amplification, I feel the recommendations are a bit blind. Perhaps you've great amplification, but if not, improved will aid in structure and depth. Also, your source and cabling all influence. Massed stands?

I've listened to this speaker through a friend's electronics, CEC 2000 highly modified, custom tube DAC, custom preamp and VTL 60wpr triode monoblocks and they sang with plenty of bass in a room 30X20X12. Actually thought they sounded a bit congested in the midrange.

But, perhaps the suggestions are legitimate for your needs.
Totem Mani-2s have excellent bass ((to ~30Hz) and sound great top to bottom. You need lots of power for them though.
Phase Tech makes some of the most amazing small speakers I've heard. They have great bass and they are inexpensive. Look at the PC 1.5s.
You can still find BM15P on line and new - but it may have been discontinued so it is not available everywhere.

The 10 inch woofer has a 4 inch voice coil and along with the esotec tweeter this is a very serious speaker for the money. Of course it will look butt ugly but given your price range I suspect it will be hard to find something beautiful aesthetic stand mount and yet still get you the bass response you want.

The midrange will not be as forward as the Harbeth (it probably has a bit of scooped midrange - like most hi-fi speakers do) but it is very much in the direction you seek.
Totem Mani-2s have excellent bass ((to ~30Hz) and sound great top to bottom. You need lots of power for them though.

Yes that is an option and much more aesthetic than anything I suggested.
I have a pair of Revel M20 - Awesome bass
I heard that new M22 is not as good as old M20
Save yourself a ton of $$$ and get the NHT Classic 3.
I had them in a room almost identical to yours using both tube and SS. They sound fantastic for the price and they have beacoupe bass.
Kiza I see you also have a post regarding possible speaker stand options/height. Rather than changing speakers ( I'm a fan of Harbeths , (I own the Monitor 30s) one idea that might be worth considering is something from Mapleshade's range of stands, the Bedrock or Gibraltar . The place the speakers much lower than normal and are suppose to increase the bass output. I've not tried them myself yet but if you want to avoid using a subwoofer, it might help.
Just curious as I always found it odd that when unless your "Bookshelf" speakers are actually on a bookshelf why would a floorstanding speaker not work that takes up the same space as a monitor on a stand 14 inches from the wall. This also removes the sub and with the proper choice in design (and size of the drivers and the tower ie) not rear ported or over pressurizing the room many can be placed closer to the wall than on a stand. You also get the bass thats lacking. Cheers!
I previously owned Dynaudio Special 25's. Their bass belies their size and appearance. However they are rear ported and perform best on stands and away from the wall. I now use Merlin TSM-mme speakers. These also have wonderful bass performance and are a top choice in a compact speaker. I was amazed at how good the bass lines are. I played Gary Karr's Spirituals and his Adagio discs and they sounded superb. Merlin's are worth auditioning and seeing if they will work for you. Merlin's are sealed in a cabinet that is as solid as a brick. They can work well as a bookshelf if needed.
Totem Mani-2 have incredible bass with weight and accuracy that I doubt you can match in another bookshelf speaker.

Thanks a LOT to everyone. All day long I was looking for
Dynaudios BM15p but no luck. I have offer on Dynaudio
Audience 82 but they are to big and they should be placed at least 2'-3' from rear wall. Also I have offer on Paradigms
Signature S4 but they go down to 54Hz. Tomorrow I will have
chance to audition Totem Speakers, so will see.
Again, thanks a lot.
Bass is not Harbeth's forte. I have the SHL5 in a similar room and although bass performance is decent, bass doesn't go too deep and lacks tautness and agility in comparison to some other dynamic speakers that excel on bass. You might want to look at ATC SCM20 Signatures. Before that you need to check whether your amps are capable of driving these.
Hi Again!
A couple of days ago I've auditioned the Totem Mani 2.
What to say, I was looking left and right to see where is Subwoofer. Great sound but they need a lots of power.
Definitely no Dynaudios BM15p. I even contacted sellers
from Europe but no luck, old stock is sold and nobody have
them anymore. Other option are Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 but
not too many people is familiar with Fritzspeakers.
Did anybody heard them. I would really appreciate any
comments on Carbon 7 speakers. Again, THANKS A LOT to all
of You on Yours suggestions. Just to mention. I have very
moderate system, Rogue Audio Perseus Tube Preamp and
NAD C275BEE Power Amplifier. Maybe this will help with
Your suggestions.
If you haven't already, post a separate thread on the Fritzspeakers Carbon 7. Several Agoners own them and will probably respond to a thread with the Carbon 7 name in the subject line.
do yourself a favor and contact Fritz

the carbon 7's are the best monitors ive ever heard under $4k
I own a pair of Mani-2 sig. which I have up for sale, I also have the Totem Model One. They have amazing sound and bass. I wish could keep them but my room is too small and the Mani's are overloading the room, the Model One's are better suited.

You have already heard the Mani's so I don't need to keep praising them. I just had lunch today with Fritz and have listened to the Carbon 7's in the past, they are very similar, also excellent bass and smooth top end. Fritz uses a soft dome tweeter where the Mani's are metal dome. You'll be able to play the Carbon 7's all day and night and not get fatigued. Both need a good amount of power to make them sing. He is currently very busy building Carbon 7's, they have been very successful.

With either speaker you will need a solid stand to get the most out of them.

I really enjoy Fritz, he really knows his business, has no problem talking to you about sound and loves doing it. You can custom order the wood finish, I just saw a pair today that he just finished with a beautiful unusual dark chocolate teak that looks like something between a walnut and rosewood, Very Striking.

Give him a call. He's about to fly out to Detroit to the Audio Karma audio show, he'll have a room there auditioning the Carbon 7's.
A friend sent me this after hearing the Phase Tech PC 3.5's which replaced another friend's B&W 802's.

"Larry's 3.5's on 28" stands sound better than the B&W's ever did, in every aspect. It was amazing!"