Using the Pre-Amp section out of an integrated

I acquired a Classe CAP-151 integrated with a phono board about 3 months ago. Been using it but last week the amp section right channel quit. *%>!!!$$$.    
 I was going to off load it to Salvation Army and take a a full price tax deduction.  My initial reaction was I liked the preamp section but not the amp stage so much. Bass was not a controlled as I like. Anyway I had a McCormack DNA 125 stored away. So I pulled that out and hooked it up with the pre amp section driving the amp. The Classe has a separate button that pulls out the preamp signal so one can do what they want to. 

I like this combination much better especially the bass. Much tighter and with more authority. So I think I keep it this way. I am going to send the amp to SMc for the Gold mod. I had a 225 gold mod and a DNA .1 B mod version so I know what to expect. 

Associated gear in this system:
-Pro-Ject RM9 with 9c carbon arm , speed box and Benz ACE mc cartridge,
-Marantz SA 8005 CD player,
-I merge server 600 gb x 2 hooked up to the Marantz internal DAC and 
-Von Schweikert VR2 speakers. 

Anyone ever had a negative unexpected audio event turn into a positive? 

Sort of. I get a somewhat lean sound when running the phono stage to the integrated that has a passive preamp, but when I run it through the deck and then to the integrated the sound is much better overall.