Using very bright and very dull CD's to test the extremes.

I'm interested in finding out if you use a very bright and/or very "dull" CD for auditioning equipment, and if so, which ones you would recommend. I have found Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours", for example, to be lacking in detail, air and top end, but useful for determining if equipment would render this fine album unacceptably "dull". Thanks for you help. Steve

Actually, the MFSL issue of The Band's "Music From Big Pink" helped me decide on Apogee Stages over the Martin Logan Sequels. The Apogees breathed more life into this recording than did the MLs.
Do you mean the CD of Rumours? I find the CD transfer to be bright, glary and lacking bass. The original LP sounds MUCH smoother and warmer with more bass and a much less fatiguing top end.
For bright CDs I use Roger Daltry's "Under a Raging Moon". I love the album but it is so bright I can never get all the way through it.