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Music Matters Blue notes
AFAIK Classic Records never did Art Blakey's "Night in Tunisia". Does it have "BG" in the dead wax? If it doesn't and it's 180g I suspect it is a Scorpio re-issue which was taken from the CD. The sound on the MM issue should be a huge step up. 
Any GREAT "sleeper" amps?
The Music Hall Mambo is a killer integrated at $1300 that is rarely mentioned. 50wpc Pure Class A and overall larger cap value than a 200wpc Rotel. Dynamic, detailed and sweet sounding, what more could you want? 
Anyone heard these? How do they sound?
I used to sell them. We nicknamed them the Stinka if that gives you any idea... 
B&W 804s or 703s?
Sbrtoy, he was asking about the 703 (not the N803) vs. the N804 as he can get them around the same price. I'm not sure what you mean but the 703 & N804 are both 3-way designs, neither being a 2.5 way as you mentioned. On to the original poster... 
Telarc cd's and Mozart's Requiem
The best versions of Mozart's Requiem I have heard (and have gone through many) are John Eliot Gardiner's on Philips and Christopher Hogwood's on L'Oisaeu Lyre. 
Best 2K preamp, be it tube or SS
Unfortunately, the Blue Circle amp probably wouldn't be the best match for it, but the Placette Passive Linestage sounds like what you are looking for. It is the best "pre" I have heard under $3k and as for a list that I have compared it to that i... 
Rrecommeded "loading" for a Benz Ruby?
The Benz Lukaschek Phonostage designed by Benz with the Ruby in mind has a loading of 22K. This seems pretty in line with what the previous posters have said. My Musical Surroundings Phonomenal only has settings of 50K, 2K, 1K and lower and with t... 
DSOTM Shootout Idea: Any Interest?
Check over on and do a search in the vinyl section as I know of some cats who did this shootout but I don't recall the outcome. 
Wanna know how noisy your AC is ?
Wow, this sounds kinda cool and awakens the inner nerd (okay not so inner) in me. Thanks Sean, definately sign me up! 
Rotel 1090, Bryston BP-25 or Krell KRC-3 pre-amp?
None of those! Try a tube unit like a CJ or Audible Illusions. 
Vinyl pressing mistakes
I just picked up a two-box UK pressing of Revolver that is stereo on side 1 and mono on side 2. The jacket and labels say stereo but the matrix numbers are YEX for the first side and XEX for the second. I had to check after wondering why there was... 
There's a good likelyhood that they will never be available in the US as many of their high-end products are for far-east or european markets only. I saw some amps that looked like the MA-9s1 on some website (something about designing the ultimate... 
Amp for Nautilus 805 - Krell KAV or Classe cap 101
B&W doesn't design their speakers with ONE manufactures amp. They use (or have used) Krell, Chord, Mark Levinson, Classe, etc. when designing speakers. One point of intrest is that they stopped using active preamps because they found them to b... 
Amp for Nautilus 805 - Krell KAV or Classe cap 101
The Krell 300i sounds bright and hard with the N805 while the newer 300il sounds bland and grey, neither of which are suitable. The Classe CAP-151 should be a good match but I was once told by a Classe sales rep to not bother with the 101 becasue ... 
Linn LK140-Linn Genki-Sonus Faber Grand piano Home
That won't be a bad setup at all but for the money you can find some better speakers (B&W N804 just to name one). The Genki/LK140 is a fantastc small box/big sound combo and you can always add a pre if you want a turntable or tuner.